Remembering Jasyn2

Georgianne Hewett, SU 1990
“I entered Southwestern University in the fall of 1986. Though many memories from my freshman year have faded, my memory of Jaysn Jameson remains clear. He was one of those rare individuals who showed passion for every aspect of his life. Whether he was focused on a family member, a friend, studying, running or even making people laugh, he put all he had into it.

Each year just before the gun signals the start of the Jameson 5K at Southwestern, I find myself thinking about Jaysn and imagine that if he were present, he’d be at the front of the crowd rousing runners and walkers to give it their best. He certainly did.”

John Dapper, SU 1991
“Jaysn was one of my very best friends at SU. I didn’t really get to know him when he was a RA in Ruter and I lived up on the third floor my freshman year. We really started to hang out together during our London semester in the fall of 1988. I have two favorite memories of Jaysn in London. One is a time when we riding the London Underground back from our weekly theater class. Jaysn had gotten a long brown, woolen overcoat at a second hand store in Highgate and wore it constantly–he looked almost English in it. We were just hanging out waiting to get to our station when he struck up a conversation with a guy from Ireland. Jaysn asked him where in Ireland he was from and he replied Dublin. Without missing a beat, Jaysn said, ‘Oh, did you know that Dublin is the fastest growing city in Europe?’ Of course, the Irishman replied, no, he hadn’t heard that. Jaysn: ‘Oh, yeah, it’s Dublin day and night.’ The Irishman never got it–as the rest of us tried to keep straight faces. Another favorite memory is our infamous cholesterol dinner. We got a dozen eggs, two packages of English banger sausages and I went and got a fresh batch of chip (french fries) wrapped in newspaper from around the corner. I think we had shortbread for dessert. We split it all between the two of us. My arteries are still paying for that meal. Jaysn was a goofball for everyone, but he was everyone’s favorite goof–and I miss him.”